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The Importance of Social Media Marketing in the Business

In this episode Ashley Owens interviews his very first client, Marty McDonald as they discuss the importance of Social Media Marketing in the business. He also shares with us his tactical tips and practical takeaways in networking.

Marty is the co-founder of Bad Rhino, a marketing agency where they focus on social media marketing. They help businesses identify the best social media strategies, do the execution, run the ads, create contents and do all the reputation management that goes along with it.

But what’s making them stand out among the others is Transparency, being 100% honest to their clients. There is a collaborative effort from both parties where clients get to share their inputs. Bottomline is they want the business to succeed so if they think that some stuff are not doing the business any good, they’ll suggest a better and effective way to do it. But online marketing also comes with challenges, especially that algorithms change every now and then. The key is to stay on top of things and discuss for solutions right away.

In online marketing, the biggest lesson to people who will be using Facebook as a tool is to create a personal and business page. The best part about having a business page is you can add ads on it. So say for example someone is starting out a Virtual Assistant business, Marty suggests 3 effective things that people should do to get started.

1. Talk about the benefits of having a Virtual Assistant - Generic things like it can save time and money etc. and illustrate them. Create content and show value on having that service.

2. Have a consistent brand - Your page needs to look professional. Make sure you have headshots or clear images about you and the services you offer. Spend a bit of money to make it look better, hire someone to do it for you. Remember, it’s the first impression that’s going to make a big impact.

3. Introduce yourself and be real - If you can do better on videos then create a video, if you’re best at writing then write creative contents. Treat it as an extension of your business card and website.

The biggest mistake that people do while marketing online is they only rely on organic content. Organic contents are things that you post and that you hope people will see. But the most guaranteed way is by putting paid advertising. You’re targeting folks that you want to see and that’s the simplest way to put your business in play. So what you do is simply build an audience by getting everyone from your personal page to your business page and then start advertising.

When it comes to attending networking events, he also shares with us the top 3 best things people should do and worst things people should not do:

Best things:

1. Listen - It’s a great way to start a conversation, it makes them feel that you’re interested

2. Ask questions - ask relevant questions to have a better conversation

3. Leave something that is of value - Not only leave your business card but also leave them with something that you can have a reason to contact them again. Always follow-up the next day.

Worst things:

1. Telling people what you do - People don’t care about what you do. Understand that you are trying to build a relationship so avoid “vomiting” them with words about what you do

2. When people only talk about business - Ask simple questions. Make the conversation light so they will feel comfortable speaking with you

3. Going way too friendly - You want to create a friend but you have to remember that you are there to network your business. So avoid going way too friendly and waste other people’s time.

The most consistent way of maintaining your message to your audience is to work with what you’re comfortable with. If you think that writing is best then have 4 to 5 bullet points that speak about you and your brand that consists of 300 words. If you want to talk, you can create videos or podcasts. Always remember that the key for content ideas is to have your personal piece on it. Work with what you think works for you and it will eventually evolve and make your business successful.

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