The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Updated: Oct 26

In this episode, Ashley Owens interviews Brianna Wistbridge as they talk about the importance of Social Media Marketing in networking businesses. She will also share with us the best practices and takeaways in networking.

Brianna is the Director of Social Media at Haven Media and Marketing. Her goal is to keep abreast of the latest industry trends and best practices in order to ensure the best social media service offerings to clients. What’s appropriate on Facebook might not be appropriate on Twitter or Instagram so it’s very important to understand how each platform works. Because of her hard work and determination, her department grew to be the biggest in the agency. She admits it was a tough ride, but it was all worth it.

She believes that in Social Media, ENGAGEMENT is everything. People think it’s okay to just throw up contents on social media without any ad budget. But this is not true, you will just see failure in this kind of mindset.

So, below are some of the best practices to grow businesses on Social Media according to Brie.

1. Have a good strategy - Know and understand who to target 

2. Have a great content - To reach your targeted audience, you need to post a crafted message or content for them and do it frequently so you stay top of mind. Consistency is the key.

3. Have a media budget - This is to increase the visibility of that content to your targeted audience.

Brie also talks about reputation management and the importance of it. The problem is you spend years building that reputation and it only takes one crazy person to tear that down and light a match on it. It’s the significance of knowing that someone is there to manage your social media accounts and get real time updates on reviews or comments from your audience, whether good or bad. For bad reviews, business owners should be informed right away so they can de-escalate the problem and provide a solution right away. You’d be surprised on what great customer service and true power of social media can do to a business. 

How to de-escalate negative reviews without showing off an emotional response? Below are some tricks on how to do it according to Brie.

1. Address the person by name - respond to the person publicly by addressing him/her by name

2. Apologize for what happened - acknowledge what the person is saying and that its valid

3.Take ownership - tell them you will do what you need to do as a business to make things right. The goal is to show you make mistakes but you always make it right.

Below are Brie’s Top 3 things on what to do and not do on a networking event:

What to do:

1. Look at people in the eyes - It makes them think that you are connected to them

2. Listen - some people just hear, but they don’t listen

3. Make a connection and then follow-up

What not to do:

1. Hand out business cards - Big no-no, this is way too aggressive

2. Never sell something on an event - focus on making connections, don’t sell your products and services

3. Don’t be salesy - don’t be too pushy and talk about yourself all the time

It’s also very important to identify how you can help someone, and that can be your connection. Always remember that nobody cares about what you do. Be personal, be a storyteller. People will remember you on how you make them feel.

To her, the most important thing is sharing your knowledge, don’t think that if you’re giving them away you're never gonna make money. Don’t worry, it will come back to you. Share your knowledge, don’t hoard it because that is very powerful and people will remember that.

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