TedX Speaker Dr. Laura Sicola Talks About Getting the Results You Want with Your Leadership Voice.

In this episode, Ashley Owens interviews Dr. Laura Sicola, a professional speaker and leadership communication coach as they talk about the tactical tips and practical takeaways on networking especially using human behavior.

Dr. Laura is the founder of Vocal Impact Productions with a mission to help people confidently and authentically master the 3Cs of “Vocal Executive Presence”: to command the room, connect with the audience, and close the deal in any context. She believes that one of the reasons why people are not effective in getting the results they need is because of the way they communicate. Her job is to help people realize the strategies and skill set needed to close the gap between how they want to come across when they speak and how they actually come across when they speak.

Challenges that hinder people to succeed and how to overcome them according to Dr. Laura.

Imposter Syndrome - the feeling of you knowing that you have the skill set but afraid that somebody else is gonna come up at you and say you don’t deserve to be in that position. You need to change that attitude, you are there for a reason, prove that you deserve it.

What Ifs? - When people don’t feel that confidence because they have lots of what ifs, they usually get stuck. What ifs eat you away. It affects your body language, posture,voice volume and you’ll have a tendency to up speak. People don’t normally realize they have these problems,so the best way is to record an audio or video of yourself talking, listen and identify the problem.

People who are not used to watching their own self on camera - Dr. Laura shares with us her Broccoli Lesson. It’s like when your mom makes you eat broccoli little by little, you don’t like it but she would end up forcing you to eat it anyway. If you grow up big and strong, you’d realize that it was just for your best interest. Learning to watch yourself on camera is learning to eat your broccoli.

The best thing to do is identify what you did wrong until you can see what you did wrong, then you will know what to change.

What people do on a networking event that they don’t realize is incorrect according to Dr.Laura is first, there are 2 types of people, those who love being there and those who dread it. People who dread it are simply there because of theory and are not really interested. But people will normally get that and will stay away from that negativity. People who dread it would still want to make connections but they won’t succeed because of the negative aura they’re trying to imply on people. If you project that you love what you do, then people will start connecting with you and by then you can slowly start a relationship.

Dr. Laura’s tips on how to start an effective conversation on a networking event:

One sentence or one question prompt - being able to get the essence of the value that you are trying to provide directly or indirectly down to a one sentence or a one question prompt that gets people thinking in the right direction. One interesting line she heard from someone was, “I have the best job in the world because I get to talk trash all day”. It makes you wanna talk to that person because it’s funny, interesting, catchy and clever.

Figure out a couple of entries to strike up a conversation - Look for that one person who looks as uncomfortable as you feel, start the conversation because they don’t know how.

Use openers - especially for women, you can compliment their shoes, accessories or purses then they’ll start to open up. For men, you can probably ask for their opinions on manly stuff and they’ll sure talk. Quick little touch on the elbow - then say something like, “Wow! your shoes are amazing.” Eventually, you will get to what you’re supposed to be doing

Then, the best transition once you get things hyped up is say something like, “By the way, I’m (say your name)”. People would want to start relationships with someone they feel connected to or who they like. Make yourself interesting and always have a passion for what you do and people will realize that.

To Dr. Laura, the beauty of what she teaches is how tiny changes make massive differences. When you switch those, people might not realize what you have done but they will surely notice and see the changes.

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