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Maintaining Strong Relationships in Businesses Through Family Dynamics

In this episode of Connect to Success, Ashley Owens interviews Matt Jakubowski as they discuss the importance of maintaining strong relationships in businesses through family dynamics. He will also share with us his thoughts on the best practices and takeaways in networking.

Matt is currently a Marketing Executive at Gallagher Insurance, a global leader in insurance, risk management & consulting services helping clients who face challenges and providing them effective solutions. It’s pretty unique in the sense that it is a publicly-traded company but is still being run by the Gallagher family. He manages a team who exclusively does commercial insurance for privately held businesses and non-profit organizations and deals personally with client’s issues or concerns.

In college, he initially wanted to become a lawyer. But with everyone discouraging him not to take that path due to its saturated nature, he realized they were right so he ended up switching his interest to insurance. 

What makes him stand out from the rest of the people in his field is his belief that the relationship you build with your clients is what defines it. He makes sure that he’s the closest advisor to them. He cares about them, he tries to find out what drives them and learns more about them on a personal level. Then when concerns come up, he will be there to help them get back up on their feet and keep their businesses open.          


To Matt, maintaining that respect from people is important in the insurance field. The key is quality over quantity. You don’t need to know everybody. You don’t need to have every business available to be your clients. You just have to make people value what you do and in return value what they do and work as hard as you can for them. It’s the commitment you have to your clients and wanting them to achieve that’s gonna make you earn their respect and loyalty.

People have different strategies on how to make the most of a networking event. However, there are some people who are not doing it correctly and will most likely go home empty-handed. Below are Matt’s observations that people in his industry do and would want to correct.

1. Too quick to tell someone what they do - nobody cares about what you do, always remember that. No one wants to talk about insurance unless they need it, that’s a fact of life

2. Connect with people - Don’t talk to them about work. Talk about something else like what you see in the room, their interests and what not. You will eventually get there, just take some time and don’t rush it

He believes that a good networking event consists of a good quality of human beings that share his value of wanting to support one another. When he sees people having coffee, talking and getting to know each other, it also makes him think that it’s a fruitful event. What he hates and definitely can’t stand is the handing out of business cards before the handshakes. People need to stop doing that if they want people to talk to them.                             

Lastly, Matt shares with us his top 3 things of what to do and not to do on a networking event.

What to do:

1. Do what you say you’re going to do - stop making crazy promises, just say what you think you can do. Don’t oversell yourself and just end up not doing it at all

2. Get to know people - ask people about themselves. Ask them questions to get them comfortable with you. Now when you’re engaged in a long conversation with them and you want to get out from that, the key is to wait until there’s a break in the conversation then tell them it was nice meeting them, you’re open for another meeting another time outside the event and leave your number.

3.Treat everyone the same - Stop making assumptions based on how people are dressed or what industry they’re in. Treat people equally.

What not to do:

1. Don’t expect results right away - things take time, there’s no get rich quick scheme that exists because if there is, everybody will surely do it.

2. Don’t get dejected - right things will come for you, just be patient

3. Don’t be too salesy - don’t talk too much about what you do. Again, nobody cares about what you do. People will just shut you off  if you “vomit” what you do

Matt is who he is now because of this family’s influence. Growing up with a large family of extroverts who just loves getting out there and are very compassionate made him become just like them. He definitely has a heart and would not hesitate to go the extra mile to help people achieve their goals.

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