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IT Built to Scale with Matt Blatz of PCS

In this episode, Ashley Owens interviews the famous Matt Blatz from PCS as they discuss how IT has changed the way he does business. This episode is very special for Ashley since Matt is one of the first people she has worked with in the sales environment and also her professional wingman who gave her the inspiration for Ashley Assists.

Matt is a Relationship Coordinator at PCS. He helps businesses with their IT needs by crafting solutions that lower expenses, raise satisfaction, and increase productivity. From fixed-fee support and project-based work to around-the-clock help desk and outsourced CIO services, they offer “out-of-the-box” solutions for companies that rely on computers and range in size and industry from start-ups to large, multi-location companies.

After graduation, he didn’t know what and where to go so he ended up bartending and also worked as a waiter at Philly restaurants and bars. His turning point was when he got very sick and didn’t have health insurance. He realized that he needed to have a day job to get the benefits needed so he later worked for a law firm and that was where he propelled with his career. He later took advice from Anthony Mongeluzo to take a leap of faith and move forward with his career. So he moved to a different direction and became a part of PCS where he became the Top Salesman during his first year with the company.

What’s great about their company is their program of when a client signs up with them, they assign 7 dedicated technicians for their account. So when the client has an issue, they make a call to them and it dispatches directly to that team where they personally pick up the phone. They see what the problem is and give the client a timeline when it is going to be fixed. It’s a whole lot different process compared to other IT Support companies.

Matt’s background in operations and business development shaped his ability to understand the clients’ business infrastructure and bridge the gap between technological discrepancies and success. They also have programs for small businesses where they customize support plans to the business itself and their needs. They take a deep dive on what the client’s needs are and what industries they are in so that they can come up with a plan and solution that is effective to them and that is cost efficient.

For Matt, the best thing about his job is seeing the smiles on the customers’ faces after getting the support they need and them finding it great and effective for their businesses.

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