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Human to Human Lead Gen Through Effective Cold Calling with Ryan Pereus

In this episode, Ashley Owens interviews entrepreneur, business consultant and prospecting expert Ryan Pereus as they discuss his emerging force in the marketing, sales, business, and entrepreneurial space. He will also share with his us his thoughts, techniques and strategies on how to be successful in the business through effective cold calling.

Ryan is the Principal/Owner of Pereus Marketing (RPMC). It is a Human-to-human sales development, prospecting & lead generation services specializing in outsourced B2B cold calling, inside sales, sales development outsourcing, copywriting, & event marketing staffing.

As a 33 year old entrepreneur, Ryan always had a hunter mentality. He started on Ebay really young going door to door and selling candies in school. He realized that writing and selling has always been a passion of him so he started consulting and writing to people looking for cold call scripts. So his whole business is based around a script on how humans connect to humans and businesses. So basically, It started as a scriptwriting and then evolved into outbound cold calling appointment setting (B2B).

But why cold calling? It’s because of his being a hunter and always finding business for himself and trying to make a relationship that got him passionate over cold calling. Steven Covey says highly effective people find their "voice". He believes that your voice is a combination between what you're good at, what you love and also what the world needs.

This whole thing started as an experiment, he didn’t know if it was going to work but he went for it anyway thinking that what he’s doing is different from the others. To him, sales is the most important in the business. Everything goes wrong but at the end of the day, sales cures all. If you have that life blood pumping into your business, you have opportunities for mistakes, growth and learning.

Why people hate cold calling and what is the purpose of it? According to Ryan, people hate cold calling simply because it is awkward and you usually get lots of rejections. Plus the fact that people hate telemarketers because people get calls from them all day and they’re interrupting our daily lives. But Ryan found a positive solution for this. He found a certain way to talk to people through conversations that connect humans to products and services. The goal is to build trust and be able to use that in the conversation and say certain things that work towards building trust rather than just trying to make a sale. It is then that people will be open and will try to listen to what you are trying to say.

He shares with us the 4 Core Components of Cold Calling that are; Quick Pitch, Lead In, Elevator pitch and Call to Action. The idea is that this is the whole design on how humans connect. Get them in the right frame of thinking and ask a follow up question to start a conversation. Find out important information about their business that you can tailor to your conversation later. Cold calling is much more systematic than networking, but thinks that person to person is a different level than being on the phone.

How do they network effectively in this type of business? Simple, DIVERSIFY. They have some outlets where people can find them if they’re looking for this type of service. Be visible on online work sites you know people can go to if they’re looking for cold call service. They can scroll through different options and they should be there. Also doing the standard SEO, web design and a whole lot more things that they have learned when attending networking events.

Start your conversations / cold calls the right way. Feel free to visit their website at or contact Ryan at (267) 571- 7008 to know more about the services they offer.

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