In this episode, Ashley Owens interviews her long time friend, Ije Nwokomah as they discuss on how to avoid "winging it" to grow one’s business by establishing a framework for long-term success.

Ije Nwokomah is a sales guru, podcast host, coach and the chief of The Commissions International. His company’s main goal is to help businesses have more structure, framework and processes tailored specifically for ones company. He also has a new podcast coming up called “Don’t Wing It” which provides a platform for people to learn about mistakes and how to avoid them.

With Ije’s experience in sales and with the understanding that not everything is for everyone, he believes that success is more process driven. It’s how to go from point A to point B and not the methodology that creates successful businesses.They work closely with the technology and service industry and stay away from anything related to healthcare due to its complicated nature and regulations.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare for a client meeting according to Ije.

  1. Understand their needs - Research and know more about them and what they want to achieve for their business

  2. Discover - Get in touch. Example is know the status of their union and what’s going on with the business

  3. Coachable - You have to gauge on what they know, what they do or what they read so you would get an idea of what and what not to talk when coaching them

He does not believe in training his team on what to do to be the best versions of themselves because people apply their learning differently. People have different ways and processes in achieving the end goal like how two people can run a mile but finish differently. For him, the focus should be “why we do it” and not “what to do” to achieve success.

He also shared with us two approaches on how to handle businesses who don’t get back after the first meeting.

Number one is the preventative approach. How do you prevent “ghosting” from happening to you? It’s simple, set clear expectations. You need to get a clear understanding that you’re talking to the right individual who will sign the agreement so you can get a commitment from that person. Set a date on when they should get back to you then follow up. You might want to call first but if unreachable, leave a voicemail. Next is the reactive approach, you just have to accept that some things don’t work. Give them space and make another follow up after three days or so.If they’re still unresponsive, let it go and move on. Life happens.

Ije shares with us his thoughts on what to avoid and what should be done at an event. First, avoid getting weird. Act normal and do not be too geeky or creepy when talking to people.

Don’t be awkward and lastly, never interrupt when people are talking, listen, be polite and show respect. What one should do first is to leave all the negative vibes out the door. There is absolutely no room for your negativity especially when you’re there to socialize and get potential clients. Be curious and interested. People don’t care about what you do so you have to listen and be engaged.

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