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Headshot Photography with Jason Ranalli

In this episode, Ashley Owens interviews Jason Ranalli as they discuss how networking helped him succeed in the field of headshot photography. He will also be sharing with us his tactical tips and practical takeaways in networking.

Jason is a subject matter expert on headshots and owns Jason Ranalli Headshots. He has done photos for models, talents, corporate people and even for Ashley who she considers as one of the top 3 best headshot photographers in the Philly area. For Jason, it’s not just the talent and expertise that can make someone successful, but it’s also the need to have the perfect gear for the job.

He believes that it’s the small movements that can change from an average headshot to something that’s very compelling. And it’s his job to be the mirror or director and help with the micro movements needed to become the most compelling version of oneself. He’s more interested in people’s facial expressions and connection with the eyes, so he focused his craft on just headshots and built his brand around that. The best piece of advice he can give to people who are planning to get a headshot photo is NEVER overthink the clothing and jewelry to wear. Come with a very simple apparel and the clothing’s color should be solid. Just have a playful attitude and it’s the photographer’s job to make you feel comfortable.

What we didn’t know is Jason didn’t start from doing photography. He started working as an IT support on a trade floor where he admits that he was earning more than now. But it’s his passion and love for photography and having the best clients at the end of the day that got him going.

He admits that he is an extroverted introvert who loves going to events but hates talking about himself. What’s interesting about him is his self awareness on who he is. What he expects from people is not a harsh expectation, rather he expects the same respect he gives them and is never looking for a sell.

Below are his top 3 tips to do that are effective when meeting someone for the first time in a networking event:

1. Ask the right questions - Questions like, “How did you find this group?”, “What brings you here?”, “Who brought you in?”. That’s a great start to a quality conversation

2. Listen - Everyone out there has a compelling story. They have been through some stuff that's not great or awesome. Be willing to listen to any of those things. Engage and listen to people’s stories. As you get to listen, you find more ways to connect with them. It might not be about business, but also on a personal level.

3. Follow- up - Try to find them on LinkedIn or on whatever platform they're in where you can connect with them. You might not see them on the next networking event, but you can connect with them online and you might just be their next champion.

It doesn’t matter who the person is, just remember the “Chameleon Effect”. According to Jason It’s matching the person’s energy immediately and making them feel that you’re someone they can talk to and divulge a bit about themselves. Networking is about making friends, but those friends have to be the right one to be able to help you succeed and also help them succeed. So, surround yourself with good quality people, like joining networking groups where there are people better than you. They will help you succeed and open your eyes to different things that you have never seen before.

Whether you or someone you know is a business professional or in the entertainment industry, Jason will capture your unique personality in a headshot that will stand out from your competition, visit his website at You can also contact him at 484-243-0737 or shoot him an email at

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