Today’s guest is Gregory Offner Jr., a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and coach with a degree in Music and Philosophy at West Chester University.

During this fun interview, Greg shares his journey towards success while applying micro disruptions in his life. From being a musician in a small piano bar to a world-class performer while also juggling jobs in sales and insurance in between. His background in sales and music made him passionate in helping people understand how to manage, implement and see opportunities for disruption.

One interesting fact about Greg that we love so much is he’s not your usual boring speaker who just loves pitching the business. Not only that he’s fun to talk with no dull moments, but also he normally has a piano with him on stage during his conferences and plays in front of his audience. Just wow! Greg’s take in micro disruption is also fascinating. With anything that we are trying to make a change, little micro moves are extremely important for the bigger end goal.

How to find speaking engagements and who to reach out according to Greg.

  1. Look up conferences on the web The web is like a best friend to sales people. Look up for conferences. Find out what they did the year before and look for a couple of things you like.

  2. Send an email If there’s nothing that you like, tell them that the font they use is very appealing. Just find something interesting then shoot them an email, send it to the executive director or the meeting coordinator. Give them something that they can do for you like “Would you happen to know who looks after selecting speakers for the next conference?”, then add your contact information.

  3. Chill It’s like when you’re in an audition, you walk in and do the best you can and just wait. If you get rejected or get no response, move along and never stop trying.

Greg’s definition of success is, “Do what I want, when I want, how I want, where I want with who I want”. To him, a sincere connection is important. One of the tips that he mentioned and is very important to keep in mind is, “Nobody cares about what you do”, people care about who you are and how you connect with them.

To him feelings are extremely important, you’ve got to have fun! Clients would absolutely dash right to you when you don’t oversell, make them feel that there’s a sincere connection. After all, human connection is more important than any other material things in the world, and by material, that is most especially money. At the end of the day, people buy you, they don’t buy what you do.

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