From Marine to Insurance Agent, Joel Payton Wants To Protect What Matters Most.

Joel Payton started as a US Marine specializing in nuclear biological and chemical defense where he trained marines how to survive contaminated environments like chemical agents used in warfare. Because of his love and care for the people, he started to get interested in insurance. But what’s more interesting about him is his love for music, he has been doing DJ gigs on the side for years. It gives him an opportunity to cross reference himself and meet more people to network his insurance business through referrals.

The Payton Agency specializes in small to medium sized businesses, agricultural risks and life insurance. As a former US Marine, Joel brings experience, integrity and commitment to his clients. Helping clients in “Protecting what matters most'', he believes that insurance plays a part in every aspect of life and connecting with people on a personal level to understand what matters most is very important.

In a world where people are sensitive to the word “insurance”, what Joel does to network his services is going out to his clients and find them himself. To him, finding his niche market is diving into certain aspects called vertical markets. So what he does is get into Facebook groups, looks for inclined groups and tell them he was able to help certain people out so maybe he can also help them out. The secret is making conversations personal and find what makes people tick. Make sure their needs are taken care of by understanding the business and provide them effective solutions.

What people in the insurance industry do that’s awful while navigating through the networking scene according to Joel is when they easily hand out business cards. That’s a big no- no and way too aggressive, so below are 3 tactical tips that he thinks people should do to get positive results.

Be prepared - going there, set a purpose. Know who you want to see

Know who is operating the event - Do a little research of who they are and seek them out. Introduce yourself then what they’re going to do is naturally introduce you to someone else.

Just be yourself - Find what works for you and who you want to connect with and just run with it.

He also thinks that joining Facebook groups is one of the best ways to network services. You can also find your referral network or strategic partners from there. This is a network of partners that don’t do your business but can bring you customers through referrals. Find people who work closely with business owners who can give you credible referrals like Financial Advisers and CPAs.

Joel is into the smaller group settings where he’s only meeting two or three people at a time. This way, he can better understand the business and assess it to see what he can do to help it grow. To Joel, his business is personal, so he hates it when people say, “it’s not personal, it’s just business”. He also believes that as the business grows, his business grows as well.

So If you need something that needs protecting, reach out to Joel Payton by visiting his agency’s website at or give him a call at (610)-757-1209.

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