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End to End Solutions Equals Success with Mark Kratzer

In this episode, Ashley Owens interviews Mark Kratzer, a former U.S Navy Corpsman, nurse, actor and a national award winning Internet Marketing Consultant as they discuss the importance of empathy not only in customer service and sales but also in the business as a whole. He will also share with us his practical tips and tactical takeaways in networking.

Mark is the owner of CreativeVets Ads Agency. It is a veteran run and owned Creative Agency that specializes in helping small to medium businesses target their perfect clients. They provide end to end solutions including creating business campaigns, launching them on Social Media, Radio, TV, or Industry Specific Search Engines (B2B).

As a son of a marine veteran and the hunger to see the world, he joined the navy right after high school. Growing up, they had a lot of father-son bonding which opened his interests in the arts. When he left the navy, he then became a nurse for the Veterans’ Association. He later wanted to pursue his passions in life, so he left the VA and started to work for some B2B startup companies and also got into some acting gigs.

How did he become successful in his field? Simple, EMPATHY. Because of his experience as a nurse, he knows who needs help. He empathizes with the needs and problems of business owners and build trust that enables them to create a solid foundation for a long-lasting relationship. His goal is to help small to medium businesses to get known and believes in the old adage, "If you wanna have a great company, surround yourself with people who are smarter than yourself". Business owners might be great at what they do but they are not great at what he does, so this is where he gets in the picture.

What he brings to the table? He is a great listener. In this time where people just love pitching about themselves or what they do and don’t listen, it is very important to make suggestions and not oversell oneself, thus there is a need to listen and empathize.

One takeaway that is very useful from this interview is how he makes a sale by leaving compelling messages. With his experience and expertise, he shared with us some tips or spiels on how to get the sale you want over the phone, without meeting the person face-to-face. The transaction is the final combination of the relationship that you have built either in person or over the phone. So in the end, it's a matter of trust.

He is also currently working on a workshop called, Improv your Business. It’s a little take on improving where people who are customer facing are able to judge what the customers want or need with the ability to think on their feet. The goal of this workshop is not only improving client relationships but also improving the company as a whole by morphing into a company that pays attention, willing to go with the flow and able to understand that everyone is in a different situation.

Top 3 Tips on networking events:

1. Listen - listen and understand to be able to give suggestions and create a relationship with the people you are talking to.

2. Do not sound scripted - a script does not work on everyone 100% of the time. Spontaneity of being able to address the person you are speaking with and the ability to listen is very important to be able to come up with creative ideas.

3. Walk in the park - Push backs are very normal in networking. It is the ability to be able to just “walk in the park” all these push backs that will make one successful on these events. So again, it is very important to know your audience, listen and engage.

He offers a free 30 minute consultation where he gives you advice on your current plan and any improvements you can make for your business. So feel free to visit their website at

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