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Emotional Intelligence and Predictive Index with Mia Hanson

In this episode of Connect to Success, Ashley Owens interviews the very gorgeous Mia Hanson of Breakfree Strategies as they discuss the importance of emotional intelligence to businesses in order to help them grow and sustain themselves. They will also be talking about how talent optimization with Predictive Index provides business owners with tools that maximize business results.

Mia is the President of Breakfree Strategies, a consulting firm and Predictive Index certified partner in the Philly area. She is a marketing and management professional with expertise in behavioral analytics and mapping and help businesses maximize the biggest asset in the company, the employees. For everyone’s knowledge, Predictive Index is a software that helps with hiring, engagement and employee retention. It is based on a very quick 7-minute survey with no tension involved cause it’s an open choice and very easy. People are amazed on how this simple approach provides so much valid information on what drives a particular person. In fact, our very own lovely host, Ashley has a personal experience on this. PI made a big impact on her life because it was then that she realized what her skill sets are and decided to do better on what drives her instead of just focusing on shortcomings.

Mia believes in “Know thyself”, an adage from the famous Philosopher, Socrates. To her, this is the most important function to being a leader. It is when you know yourself wholeheartedly that you’ll be able to communicate well with other people and make good decisions. In addition, if you know yourself, then you’re more apt to finding people around that play up your strengths and fill up the weak points that you have as a leader.

She also believes that it’s human nature that we can adapt to different situations. But if we start the day with say for example a jar full of jelly beans as our energy and we constantly push ourselves to do things that do not come naturally to us. By 4 or 5 o’clock, that jar of jelly beans is going to deplete. We are going to lose all that energy and by the time we get home, we just sit, lie in bed and not talk to anyone. And if we continue doing this day in, day out, it’s not a good thing because people will know that you’re not happy with the kind of job that you do and that creates a big impact on the business.

So what should be done?

“Are they doing what they’re best at?”, “Are they doing things that make them happy?”. These questions are very critical for business owners according to Mia. In this changing world, it’s getting harder to hire and retain good and effective people. What one should realize is that it's not just money that’s going to make people stay but also the sense of belongingness. Business leaders need to make sure that employees are happy and comfortable. In that way, those employees that are valuable will surely stay.

Now linking emotional intelligence to networking, Mia shares 2 types of personalities who go to networking events. These are the extraverted and introspective people. Extraverted people are outgoing, they have a lot of energy to talk to people and know everyone in the room. Introspective people on the other hand are people who spend considerable time examining their thoughts and trust in people. So they tend to be more creative and instead of approaching a lot of people, they only talk to 4 or 5 and have more in depth conversations. Remember that one is not better than the other, so you have to understand what works best for you from a networking standpoint and apply it. Quality over quantity is very important, so even if you’re extraverted, take time to schedule a meeting and do a one-on-one. At the end of the day, the goal is always to have in depth conversations.

Lastly, self awareness is very important not only to help people in running their businesses but also to be aware on how to adapt to other people and be conscious of that. So If you or someone you know need assistance on talent optimization, feel free to reach out to Mia’s team of experts and visit Breakfree Strategies’ website at

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