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Emotional Intelligence and Executive Coaching with Mineela J Chand

In this episode, Ashley Owens interviews Psychotherapist/ Executive Coach Mineela J Chand as they discuss the importance of Emotional Intelligence and Executive Coaching in the business. Mineela will also share with us her new business, Launch Pattern Consulting LLC and how it can help business owners achieve success in their businesses.

Aside from being a psychotherapist, Mineela is the owner of Launch Pattern Consulting LLC. It’s goal is to help develop empathetic leaders, teams and organizations by maximizing emotional intelligence through individual coaching and group trainings.

She started getting all the professionals and entrepreneurs who were trying to scale up their businesses. They wanted to seek help on how to deal with things that are getting in the way and need help on how to scale their businesses up. One day at a session with a C-suite professional, Mineela asked him how the session was and his response was, “You did not do therapy, you just did executive coaching.” This got her surprised but also gave her an idea that she can expand her services by doing executive coaching as well.

"Leading from the inside out" is Launch Pattern Consulting’s working tagline. She focuses on emotional intelligence and executive coaching around emotional intelligence. Mineela thinks technical abilities and expertise might get you into positions but it's your emotional intelligence, how you manage yourself and other people and context in the situation that can help you move forward.

“As you move up the leadership ladder, technical ability becomes less and less important. The important thing is how you manage or deal with other people.” This is for me the best takeaway from this episode. Being a good leader is how you lead yourself well, first. You need to manage your energy and inner peace first before you can be able to lead effectively. If you do not understand yourself better then you can’t be effective in handling and dealing with other people. That's what emotional intelligence is about.

Emotional Intelligence covers three areas and they are;

1. How you manage yourself - self awareness

2. How you manage other people - if you are planning to motivate, engage or coach people, you need to be aware of how you are behaving and what's going on inside you in order to help them. You can’t influence unless you can go underneath people's surface and into who they really are.

3. How you change and behave in an appropriate way - this is very important but also keep in mind to stay as authentic as you are in situations that are different.

Mineela helps people become more of who they are. She helps people learn the skills so that they can live well inside themselves and also their relationships with other people. She also believes that networking is nothing more than building relationships. Her favorite questions to ask during networking events are, “Where do you want to be in your business in 5 years?” or “When you started your business, what was the big dream that you had?” These questions help create a positive energy on people and helps start building strong relationships.

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