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Effective Sales Strategies for Business Growth with Bill Morrow

In this episode, Ashley Owens interviews one of her Mastermind co-members Bill Morrow as they discuss how effective sales strategies are in the growth of the business.

Bill is the Managing Partner at Empirical Consulting Solutions. It is a management consulting firm focused on helping clients overcome the hurdles that prevent them from growing. They work across operations, sales, marketing and HR. In the Sales Department, they focus on understanding what makes a business unique and build a plan for that business to execute or what they can execute for them. What is different with their company is the ability to execute on the plans that they plan and create. With everyone as subject matter experts, they deliver beyond expectations simply by putting skin in the game and being behind their clients all the way.

He started in the automotive world. His parents used to own a little hardware store and it was then when he learned how to sell and interact with people at a very young age. Surprisingly, he took up Biology, Chemistry and Physics in college which is way different from the sales world, he even ended up teaching for a while before he realized that it was not meant for him but instead, it was selling that was making a difference in his life.

"It's not what you say but it's how well you listen and apply things to customers." This is very much true in the sense that you could tell the customers a million things about the product’s benefits and features but the customer will never understand what you're talking about. People have this terrible hangover from the 80’s or 90’s where sales people were never accurate about what they say or only say what customers want them to say. That’s the reason why customers nowadays are not willing to listen anymore. Bill believes that the goal of every sales person and good company should be the ability to identify the people who need the products and services and help them understand the benefits along the way.

They also have this new program intended for the sales team which is called the Executive Leader Training Program. Sales people get promoted because they are great sales contributors to the company, but what they don’t have is the training and understanding of what it means to be a leader, that's where they come in. Bill and his group of experts show them how to create an environment that's going to be successful to them.

"Any individual can learn to be a sales leader no matter their characteristics are or what they do." Bill also believes that certain traits like the ability to present themselves as a leader and being dominant definitely helps. Anyone can be a leader by using their skills set but you gotta know what your skills are. So it all starts in having a good and effective assessment tool and to them Predictive Index has been very useful.

If you are new to the networking scene, Bill says that there are two things you need to do; First is meet up with people and the second is to be part of groups on LinkedIn where you can find people who you can ask and be able to identify your targeted audience.

The best takeaway on this episode is Bill’s advice about LinkedIn connections and activities, since it’s where most of the professionals are. You need to start reaching out to people who looks interesting and write them a personal message if you want to connect with them. Don’t send a blind connect, give them a good reason why you want to connect with them so they’d be interested in you and your business. Spend 15-20 minutes everyday just liking and commenting posts so people will be engaged on who you are and what you do.

Aside from running his business, Bill also has a podcast that is aired weekly called, Business Transformers Radio. Check them out, it’s a great podcast where you can learn lots of things about growing your business.

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