Dressing For Success with Francesca Zampaglione

In this episode, Ashley Owens interviews Francesca Zampaglione as they discuss how style creates an impact on people’s confidence in order to reach success professionally or personally. She will also be sharing with us how she managed to grow her business in just months of networking to the right market with the help of an amazing app and virtual consultations.

Francesca is a CPA turned wardrobe stylist who focuses on dressing up professional men and women to help them utilize their style to accomplish their goals. The passion for styling started at age 6 when she fell in love with red patent wedge shoes. It got stuck with her and as the years passed, from working as a public accountant, she finally decided to build a closet confidence business. She was cleaning out women’s closets then taking them shopping for new clothes. It was the joy of her customers that got her more interested and passionate about styling.

Ten years ago, she created a presentation called "Dress Smart" where she delivered to various accounting firms. She discussed the fundamentals of dressing appropriately and later enjoyed doing it so she decided to make it a full-time thing. Francesca found a business partner who can help her with men’s styling, so she expanded and added men’s custom to her line.

Below are some effective strategies that worked best for Francesca on how she managed to grow her business in the past months:

  1. Pop up trunk shows - she would normally go to different locations to host a pop up show, talk to women and have them fit the clothes she’s selling and they’ll buy it. If alterations are needed, they send them back to her then she ships the items back to them once done

  2. Find others who want to resell the products - talk to people and find out who wants to sell the products too. You will never know who can help you and who you can help.

  3. Have an amazing app - very helpful and modern. In this world where everything revolves online, an app is very much helpful in growing ones business

  4. Virtual consultations - She can work well with the client since she had touched and tried the clothes herself so she knows the fit and the size range. This is an assurance that she can find the perfect clothes for their customers

  5. Now If you’re thinking about getting into this field, the best clients according to Francesca are lawyers. They absolutely have no time or idea on how to dress themselves so they definitely need a fairy godmother to do the job for them.

  6. She believes that time and money go hand in hand when deciding what wardrobe or accessories to wear. You need to set a budget to buy something that you can use time and again, emphasizing quality over quantity. It does not matter if you only have a few tops or jeans, for as long as the clothes fit perfectly and you’re comfortable wearing them, you’ll definitely perform well at work. To her, FIT is everything.

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