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Dedicated Fiber Solutions to Boost Productivity in the Business

In this episode, Ashley Owens interviews another Mastermind co-member, Nathan Weidner as they discuss the importance of Dedicated Fiber Solutions to eliminate risks and boost productivity in a business. He will also share with us his best practices and takeaways in networking.

Nathan is a Strategic Enterprise Account Executive at Comcast Business, Enterprise Solutions. His job is to identify the problem in a business and make a solution to help that problem. Most business owners think of the low cost (1 business + internet connection) set-up, but what they don’t realize is there’s a much better solution to stabilize the productivity of their business. That’s when Nathan gets in the picture, he presents a dedicated fiber solution that is much more cost efficient and reliable. That when disaster strikes, the longest downtime is just 4 hours. Imagine what that can do to eliminate the risks on your business.

His training ground in sales started way back when he was still a kid. Having a father who is in sales and worked his way up to owning his own business, Nathan learned the importance of giving customers what they need. Becoming a people pleaser is one of the best learnings his father taught him and that’s what we love about him, he provides people values without aggression (selling with a softer customer service style). How to become a trusted advisor according to Nathan? Always ask, “What else can I help you with?” People would want to come to you when they know they can trust and seek advice from you about anything.

Below are 3 things that Nathan considers to be very important in networking:

1. Know what you do and ask for it - If it’s everything, ask for everything. If it needs a narrow focus then ask simply for that narrow focus.

2. Get to know people - The strategy is to know a few specific people and have a relationship with them as opposed to knowing everyone. Quality over quantity, always remember that.

3. “Givers Gain” - When you have that relationship and you’re interested in doing business with someone and you click, make it your mission to do the “thing” first. It’s like when you agreed, find that something that you can help them with before anything else. Don’t wait, do it and you’ll definitely get it back.

What’s interesting about him is he’s enjoying the best of both worlds. He’s not only busy in sales but also in the world of artistry. Having two wonderful kids who have a wide social network, he started taking pictures and earning through parties, cocktails and what not. This also gives him the leverage of expanding his contacts and prospects while doing what he loves most, taking beautiful pictures. A Sales Expert/ Account Executive and a Professional Photographer, how amazing is that?

As long as photography exists, he will do it. He also feels that he has matured in networking and growing a business so when he’s looking at retirement, he knows that he can still serve his passion and grow businesses.

If you want to reach him for a Comcast business, you can contact him at 610-716-1483 or shoot him an email at Or, if you need help on his photography expertise, connect with him on Facebook,

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