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Building your Own Business and Leaving the Corporate Ladder with Erica Quigley

In this episode, Ashley interviews Erica Quigley of Quigley Management Consulting LLC as they discuss about building your own business and leaving the corporate ladder. They will also be talking about designing business processes around transparency, efficiency, and automation and share her tactical tips and practical takeaways on networking.

Erica is the Owner & Chief Consultant of Erica Quigley Management Consulting LLC. It is a business operations consulting where they scale high growth businesses with operational experience, strategy and implementation support. The goal is bringing the money into the business faster and decreasing the amount of time it takes to bring that money in. So, they create strong business operations that grow revenue and profit margin.

She has an experience of building and running operations for a supply chain across Europe, Canada, USA and Mexico for 11 years and left that company after realizing that there should be more to life. She then built her own consulting business where she received common questions like, “How were you able to leave your job? and “How can I leave my job too?" These questions made her realize that she also needs to help people by creating and delivering tactical guidance to replace their income and leave their current jobs. What she did over the summer was do a checklist with her assistant where she started to keep track of everything that she was doing as people asked these two questions. She then came up with a 35-Point Ultimate checklist on “How to Leave the Corporate Ladder and Getting Yourself Employed”, with a bonus. It became a passion for her to help these people so she also built a community on Facebook, The Quick Start Consultant where she answers these questions and provide advice to its members.

Now, curious about what automation tool she uses for her business? You’re in for a special treat on this episode as she talks about Kartra. Kartra is a marketing automation platform that pretty much does everything for her. It's an all-inclusive, email marketing, list building, web-hosting, business management platform designed just for marketers! How cool is that? Everything you need under one platform.

Switching topic and moving to networking, below is Erica’s effective followup process that we think every entrepreneur / networker should follow:

1. Get their info - log in their info at Pipedrive. It is meant to be a sales followup tool but she uses it as a networking follow up tool . After the initial meeting or if you see somebody on LinkedIn that you want to meet, they should go in the first phase of the Pipe.

2. Meeting - actual meetup comes second phase in the pipe

3. Strategic Planning or Collaboration - If there are common grounds for strategic collaborations, they should be in the third pipe

4. Gift Box - this is what’s very interesting and unique about her approach that has been successful ever since, giving of gift boxes to very important prospects or people on her list

5. Continual followup - Make a followup at least 4 times. This is where synergy comes in..

“Your perception is your reality and environment.” So if you're going to the office everyday, that's your reality, that's what everybody does. But when she started hanging out with business owners, she realized that it was not her reality anymore. The difference is when entrepreneurs see what’s attractive to them, they are more focused on wanting to get something that's better than what they have now while the rest of the world sees that they're comfortable where they're at and so they don’t want to push something that’s possibly going to be painful for them. All people need to know is that there's a whole big world out here and it's not what they see everyday, so take risks and dream bigger and never stop until you achieve success.

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