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Building Relationships and Seeking Networking Opportunities for Success

In this episode, Ashley Owens interviews Keith Baldwin of Spike’s Trophies as they discuss how he makes a difference in the community by helping organizations maximize their most valuable asset which is their people and brand, through the use of awards, promotional and signage products. They will also be discussing the importance of building relationships and seeking networking opportunities in order to succeed.

Keith is the President of Spike’s Trophies, one of the largest manufacturers of recognition, promotional products & signage and has been around for 85 years. They provide a wide range of high quality products and awards to businesses and organizations.

Spikes might have been in the business for 85 years but Keith did not start it. However, working for them was his one and only job since he started working for them at the age of 18. He dropped out of school and started working as a tennis racket stringer, slowly worked his way up until he got promoted as an assistant manager and did not stop there, obviously. At the age of 19, he wrote a goal that he wanted to own Spikes with his friends and it took him 25 years for that. With all the struggles he faced, he learned that building relationships, handwork and networking are the keys to success. If you have a passion for it, it will work.

One interesting fact about Keith is he’s actually very shy that it pushed him to get into Dale Carnegie’s courses and work on his public speaking skills. What he learned from that is to just keep practicing, just keep doing it until you get there and don’t forget to always feel comfortable about yourself.

Below are the top 3 important things (networking wise) that are very important according to Keith:

1. Care - Genuinely build relationships, stay as sincere as possible

2. Help people - Personally, he believes that if he tries to help people connect with other people, it will create a win-win situation

3. Don’t sell - Just be natural and authentic

Although there are times when he thinks finishing school could have been a big help in filling up the empty holes in his career, Keith is still very thankful for all the learning and best practices that he has learned from all the groups that he’s a part of. Some of these groups are Philadelphia Business Executives and Business Clubs of America (BCA). He believes that being part of a group and seeking networking opportunities and relationships will definitely help you and your business succeed.

You can connect with him and also check Spike’s website at or give him a call at (215) 574-8100 with direct ext 133.

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